San Francisco City College

Did you always want to go to college?
Yes. But I didn’t really think about it until my junior year of high school.

What does Higher Education mean to you?
Higher education means being successful at what you want to be successful in. It is about being motivated by yourself and not having people in your way.

How did you hear about Guardian Scholars?
In ILSP, a guy told me about the summer program for Guardian Scholars at City College.

What is the biggest way Guardian Scholars helped you?
There are a lot of ways, mostly in financial aid, books, and getting classes. It is also about meeting people. The Guardian Scholars Coordinator gets us into the hardest classes, just getting classes, and working out transportation, everything.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to open my own daycare. I love working with kids and doing activities. I currently work at AFS Works for foster youth. But I really want to get my career going, and be stable. Maybe start a family.

If you could give a message to all current foster youth, what would you say?
Stay in school, stay out of the streets, and stay motivated.
Aim for what you want. And don’t follow others; create your own path.