Laney College
Major: Photography

Did you always want to go to college?
No. I wasn’t really introduced to it when I was younger—not even in elementary or middle school. I didn’t know much about it and there wasn’t really anyone to help.

In high school there was a college career center. The teachers took time outside of class to help me. They helped find resources, told me how important it was.

What is the biggest way Guardian Scholars helped you?
They helped me get on point. If I didn’t have the direction, it probably would have taken me a lot longer and have been very different. They helped me organize my life. I know my path, I just need some support.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully I will be in some art school, studying photo journalism and entrepreneurship.

If you could give a message to all current foster youth, what would you say?
Make your goals your accomplishments.

Never pass up an opportunity.

Stay positive.

If you have a passion, never give it up.

Never let people control you.

Other people had opinions of me, but their opinions is not who I am.