California State University (CSU) System

  • One of the most affordable universities
  • Many graduates work in some of California’s most important jobs in:
    • Education
    • Health care
    • Social work
    • Public administration
    • Criminal justice
    • Technology
    • And more
  • 23 campuses across the state
  • Four-year bachelor’s degree
  • Priority admission from California Community Colleges

The CSU system is the largest, most diverse, and one of the most affordable university systems in the entire country. Every year, thousands of students graduate from CSU campuses ready to join California’s workforce. Students that graduate from CSUs go on to work in some of California’s most important jobs, from education and social work to public administration and criminal justice. In fact, more than half of California’s teachers are CSU graduates.

Transferring to CSU from Community College

A California Community College student who has earned an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) will be granted priority admission to the CSU into a similar bachelor’s degree program with a guarantee of junior standing as long as the student meets all admission requirements. Work with a community college counselor to make sure your transfer plan is on track.

CSU Benefits and Resources for Foster Youth

  • Campus Support Programs for Foster Youth
    Many campuses have on-campus programs specifically to support foster youth scholars, offering financial aid and scholarship packages, housing, and other resources.
  • Application Fee Waiver
    Foster youth are likely to qualify for a waiver for the $55 application fee.  Submit for a waiver through CSUMentor. You can submit to up to four campuses.
  • Priority Registration for Foster Youth
    As a current or former foster youth in California, you receive priority course registration at CSU campuses. Competition can be fierce to get into the classes you need, so take advantage of this benefit.
  • Priority Housing
    As a foster youth, you may get priority for housing in the dorms as well as access to housing over the summer if available.

CSU Tools for Students