San Francisco City College
Major: Business, Management

Did you always want to go to college?
No, not until I had started to question myself and become conscious of my surroundings and how I asserted myself. But above all, being aware of what was my position and purpose in life. College was always the topic of discussion throughout my adolescent years.

In elementary school the instructors really encouraged me to do well and perform at my full potential. I was heavily influenced by my second grade math teacher. She proposed a unique way of thinking, of how to speculate in a logical way. Asserting myself mentally affected how I could approach or perceive obstacles in life. These acquired skills allowed me to structure the process through which I could analyze any given situation and think of options to annihilate any given problem or crisis by executing steps. I gained this driving motivation to better my family and myself, do well in my academics and eventually succeed in establishing a future career.

What does Higher Education mean to you?
I thought higher education was very fictional. Growing up, the people I associated myself with developed an arrogant perspective about higher education, so it didn’t seem like something obtainable nor worth being sought after. At the age of 14 I had a moment of clarity: I stood in the face of insanity and was struck with great force by common sense. I was tired of doing the same thing over and over, so I signed myself up for school, evidently the first year of high school! I’d never come in contact with the term “higher education” before encountering my enlightenment stage that positively pointed me in the right direction, leading me to take that first year of high school.

What is the biggest way Guardian Scholars helped you?
Creating the opportunity for early registration, as well as all the services such as supplies, academic counseling, and many others that they provide. Guardian Scholars supports students a lot but especially by providing academic leverage through initiating priority enrollment due to former foster youth status. Priority registration is important and vital to the academic life of a student at any institution with high competition in acceptance of enrollees.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself with a BA degree in Business and enrolled at either University of Cal Berkeley or University of Santa Cruz with the hope and intention of being well on the way to achieving a Masters Degree in Business. I want to start building my life starting with acquiring the necessities of life skills such as all of the essentials required to cope with society, and also establishing an impeccable academic foundation with the knowledge and skills to help others.