College Dormitories

All 23 CSU campuses and 10 UC campuses have on-campus housing available, referred to as dormitories (“dorms”) or residence halls. A few community colleges have dorms as well. Most campus housing will require you to share a room with a roommate, which is a great way to meet people and make friends.

On-Campus Housing Priority Access

The law requires UCs and CSUs to give foster youth priority for on-campus housing. Community colleges are requested to do the same, and most offer priority.

  • What it means: On-campus housing is limited; you may be entitled to priority access to gain this housing
  • What to do:
    • Apply for housing, noting you are a foster youth, and put your name on a waitlist if necessary
    • CLICK HERE for a list of community colleges with on-campus housing
  • For more info: Read the two bills AB 1393 and AB 1228 that authorized this

Housing During School Breaks

CSUs that have student housing open during school breaks are required to give first priority to current and former foster youth. UCs are only required to do so for foster youth who are otherwise eligible for a particular campus housing facility. CSUs and UCs are required to allow foster youth to remain in housing that is available during academic breaks at no extra charge.

Some campuses provide year-round housing for foster youth; CLICK HERE for search info. Campus support programs can be enormously valuable in accessing housing, check them out.