City College of San Francisco
Major: Pharmacy

Did you always want to go to college?
Of course I always wanted to go to college. With how I grew up, I didn’t have to second guess that I wanted to go to college. It would be how I could get out.

What does Higher Education mean to you?

How did you hear about Guardian Scholars?
Growing up, I moved around a lot. I was in another state when I was considering college. I did my own research and City College came up. ILPS recommended it and now I have been here for three semesters.

What is the biggest way Guardian Scholars helped you?
They helped me afford just going to college. Financial aid, basic living costs, applying for grants, everything.

It is also the connections. The program coordinator has a lot of great connections. Room and board is hard. We have this volunteer who helps find housing. That is the best part. We are not put into Section 8 low-income housing/projects. The program finds housing that agrees to lower its costs for foster youth students. We get to feel more normal when we can afford to be normal.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Graduated, into my career immediately. I want that stability, I hate moving around.