Foster Care Benefits

Foster youth can now remain in foster care up to age 21 and additional benefits are available for foster youth who are parenting.

Foster Care After 18

Foster youth can now remain in foster care up to age 21 in California if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

Re-entry into Foster Care After 18

If you exited care after the age of 18, you may be able to re-enter foster care in order to access certain benefits. In addition, a new law allows former dependents who entered a guardianship or were adopted, whose guardian or adoptive parents no longer provide ongoing support to them, to re-enter Extended Foster Care.

  • For more info: CLICK HERE for more info and for a list of contacts by county

Benefits for Parenting Youth

The law provides foster youth who are parents with the opportunity to create Parenting Support Plans with an identified responsible adult. Upon implementation of the plan, qualified foster youth receive a $200 increase in their foster care payment.

  • What to do: Talk to your county social worker for more information
  • For more info: Read the bill AB 2668 that authorized this