Priority Enrollment

Current and former foster youth are entitled by law to priority enrollment at community colleges and California State Universities. All University of California campuses also provide this benefit.

  • What it means: You may be entitled to enroll and register for classes prior to the general registration period. Classes fill up fast, and getting into the classes you want is important to keeping your education plan, as well as your financial aid, on track.
  • Who qualifies: Anyone who was in foster on or after their 16th birthday and is under age 26 (some colleges have expanded who is eligible beyond these criteria, e.g. students who exited foster care at a younger age who are older than age 26 currently)
  • What to do: To qualify, all eligible students must first complete orientation, assessment and an educational plan. NOTE: While some other students lose their eligibility for priority registration at community colleges if they are on academic probation for two consecutive terms, foster youth are exempted from this.
  • For more info: Click on the link to read the bill, AB 194 that authorized priority enrollment